photography, Rollins College

Kevin Griffin



Kevin Griffin
ART 300, Photography 2
Digital Inkjet Prints; 12″ x 12″
15 image series

This project is a short series which means to convey the dangers of prejudice. The series begins and ends with a very plain image of a house, which is meant to represent a person who might generally be dismissed. The images which make up the rest of the series are rooms within the house, which are meant to represent aspects of the person: thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The idea is that by the final image of the house, the viewer will see it differently.

6 thoughts on “Kevin Griffin”

  1. Originally just seeing the first two pictures I saw two pictures comparing nature to a more technology based society. However, the description describing your pictures is intriguing and makes me want to see the entire series. Already it is obvious that the two images are supposed to be compared to one another and I think the continuation of the same room, chair, and the square of window/crossword is nicely done and keeps the images similar though they are very different.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the format is working for you. I’d been worried it would become monotonous, though I do try to vary it thoughtfully throughout the rest of the series.

  2. The simplicity of these images is really interesting. I like how the composition is very centered. The organic feel in the first image, and the mathematic feel in the second make for a good contrast. I feel the they are both very strong, I am more drawn to the first image because of the organic feel.

    1. Thank you. Do you feel that- despite the fact that you are more drawn to the organic image- a message comes through in each piece?

  3. At first glance these pictures came off as really erie, and intriguing in their own right. I didn’t even need a description paragraph to start making my own guesses as to what the message was behind them. Although, I must say in my personal opinion I didn’t gather what you intended from looking at them. They have almost a stagnate feeling, maybe of confinement into different areas of suburban life. To portray more of the dangers of prejudice maybe try breaking up the scene a little, making it more agitating to look at. The repeated square format is a little too settled and plain to have such heavy implications.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. However, when the square format and somewhat similar room layout is repeated throughout the series, doesn’t it speak to the fact that the thoughts and feelings I wish to convey with each individual piece are happening to the same person? Wouldn’t there be a distracting lack of focus if there were not such a strong and consistent thread throughout the pieces? How might I vary this scene and format without losing the sense of there being different parts of the same individual?

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