8 thoughts on “Michelle Rupel”

  1. These photos are very dark but interesting. The faces being blurry makes them mysterious and makes me wonder what’s going on. The girl laying down strikes me most because it almost looks like she’s floating. These images remind me of still shots you would see in a scary movie and I found them very intriguing.

  2. These images are creepy, in a good way. They have a haunting quality about them that keeps me captivated. I like that they are black and white, I think it really works for the photos. I like that you went to the extreme of creating such a dark atmosphere.

  3. I love these photos, the woods makes for a very nice setting and I think my favorite part is the second one where she is floating I have no idea how you did that! I think it would make it a bit more dynamic if you had placed the “people” more spread out in the background and foreground though… just an idea! Great work though!

  4. I’m not a big fan of scary movies, and I agree with nicole that it looks like they are stills from a film. It also helps that the face is blurred giving an illusion of motion and being captured by the camera. Seeing the two photos I can point on that identity is one of the topics, with the face being covered by the hair on the first one and being blurred out on the second. Our face is probably the most important feature of self identification, without it we are just another body suit.The floating image make it seem that these are bodies rising from the dead. So it very well could be meat suits waiting for someone to take over them.

  5. I love the simplicity of these photos. By having the photo in black in white the photo seems timeless. Very creepy feel! I agree that this looks like stills from a scary movie.

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