photography, Western Michigan University

Ryan Kenny



Ryan Kenny
Art 3470: Digital Photography 1
digital prints; 11″ x 17″
Series of 30

Treasure Hunt
Poem by Jack Myers

This project of 10 -12 images was inspired by a poem selected by each student. The poetry was published by the New Issues Poetry and Prosed here on Western’s campus. I tried capturing raw nature at its most amazing point. A point where no one has touched it or realized its potential.

5 thoughts on “Ryan Kenny”

  1. These photos are beautiful by the richness of color and crisp edges of the ice and the tree bark. Despite the no human subject, the landscape takes the stage.

  2. I think you were successful in your goal to capture nature in its raw form. Nature is organic and unexpected and I can see these descriptions in the set of photographs. The bottom image has a very nice layout and your treatment of white balance is spot on. In the bottom right hand corner, I can just make out the edge of your photograph. The white snow is not pure white which allows it to feel “real.” The top edges of the trees, in this photograph, are conflicting with the top edge. I think they should either be moved down to give more breathing room for the sky, or be moved up and cut off completely. The in between is a little problematic. Beautiful photographs nonetheless.

  3. I think that you were very successful in both of your photos.I really get the sense of organic in your first photo with the up close view of the curved branches.The landscape shows a lot of detail and forms of nature.

  4. The first photo is much more successful than the second. I would try to perhaps dull the colors of the second to bring it to a similar level as the first to tie them together. Reduce some of the blues and reduce the bright light/shadow.

  5. I tried to shoot the view of snow before. I don’t think it’s a easy thing. It’s really to turn the whole pic in a quite blue or cold tone. I think your color are great. But the proportion of the second one can be adjusted.

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