Mississippi State University, photography

Carrie Shannon



Carrie Shannon
Art 4593: Advanced Photo
20 Digital Image Series

The title of this project is ‘Dreaming of Evanescence.’ I made this work in order to remind people that things do not last forever. Everything will eventually fade away, including ourselves and I think that is something that people most often forget.

5 thoughts on “Carrie Shannon”

  1. The description to the series is very accurate, the lighting and the subject relate to decay extremely well. Unfortunately it appears the end of the broom is really light and kind of detracts from the beautiful image.

  2. The concept of this series is great. Abandoned places are always extremely interesting. They are a strong reminder of the passage of time and make you wonder what happened there.

  3. Photos dealing with abandonment and decay always intrigue me. You’ve done a nice job here displaying these scenes in a way that makes them appear even more grungy than they might actually be. I’d love to see the rest of this series.

  4. I love the beautiful colors found in this abandoned home. It is quite a subject because you never would think you would find something features in a home that is left behind. The concept is fantastic, and the photos capture the viewer with color and sharpness.

  5. I love the concept! And I love that you managed to show that there is a rugged beauty in things not lasting forever. The dull, paint chipped yellow really ads to this photo.
    Love it.

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