8 thoughts on “Nikki McKenzie”

  1. This series must look great, i really enjoy how you play with light to create only a subject with no definite background or foreground, only the subject.

  2. The range of values you were able to capture is nice. You completely blacked out the background while maintaining the highlight details of the subject. I would like to see how all of the photos in the series relate to one another.

  3. I enjoy both of these photos. I think the lighting is great, I think the expressions and body language add a lot to the photos themselves. However, I enjoy the second photo more than the first. I feel it is more successful, the eyes really draw the viewer in, and really captivate you.

  4. The composition in each piece is fantastic, very even. Even with the first one not filling up the entire space and the second one doing the opposite, they both are very strong and serve their purpose. The second one having the illusion of the man fading just due to the lighting gives it an everlasting feel to the piece.

  5. Your use of light to put the focus of the photos on the subject is very nice. I think the second photo is more successful because of how captivating the subject’s gaze is.

  6. The way you directed the light on the subjects really capture their emotions. Having them both stare directly in to the camera intensifies these photographs. Overall, the range of values, composition and lighting are strong components and have created successful images.

  7. The detail and emotion of each subject are captured well. They are bold, beautiful prints that engage the viewer. Tension is created in the second piece by the drumsticks and tight framing of the man’s hands. I wonder if you could incorporate more of this tension by adjusting the cropping of his lip/chin. In the first piece, the subject’s arms lead us into her, however my eye sometimes lingers in the dark space above and below her, since her hair and boots dissolve into the background. This has a certain effect that works for the image, but some it’d be interesting to see some distinction between background and subject.

  8. The second picture captured my eyes immediately. It has some visual impact that is so irresistible. The composition, lighting and printing are wonderful. I think the model also gave a lot of expression which contributed to the success of this picture.

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