5 thoughts on “Riley Reid”

  1. The photos definitely gives of a ‘stalker’ish feel. It is an interesting concept to even think why our homes have windows? Often times the first thing we consider with windows is our abilities to be able to look out of the world from our homes. With this way of thinking, windows are there for the outside to look in. With the first picture, the woman is looking at the camera or the viewer as if she can feel when someone is staring at her. Another concept to this is the flow of energy that one gives of to another and how people respond to that. Some say that if you look at a person hard enough, you are giving of some sort of energy and where the person is able to feel it.

  2. This concept is very interesting. The top photo especially emits a real sense of being watched and how one might react to thinking they are being watched. I’m curious to see how the rest of this series looks, without becoming redundant.

  3. Oh man, this is creepy. I can feel the vibe you were going for, where you feel vulnerable when someones outside staring in. I enjoy the emotions of either complete ignorance to the picture taking, or the look of near shock the woman the in the picture above has. I think its because we view windows as something to look out of, not in to. So once the windows are used in a way they weren’t mean to, we panic because its not natural to us.

  4. I love the vantage point for both these pictures, they really put me in the scene. For example, the expression in the model for the top picture make me feel like an intruder, spying. In the bottom picture, you did a nice job framing the person with the window frame. Additionally, the angle of view for the bottom picture adds mystery as to what the lady is doing. Reading? sewing? Anyways, I really enjoy these photos. Good job.

  5. I think you did a great job in creating these intimate spaces enclosed by domesticate subjects. Also, looking through layers of window or shades, the way viewers are entering/invading these spaces really work to add a sense of vulnerability to the figures. I love the first photograph where the woman return her gaze. That makes our interaction with the figure more dynamic.

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