Mississippi State University, video

Alexis Harrington

Alexis Harrington
ART 4593 Photographic Portfolio II

I am sending the viewer on a journey of lost hope through an investigation of space that is filled with remnants of the past. I’ve captured commonly populated places void of the human presence; depicting the visual silence of these unoccupied spaces.

Accompanying the images are sound recordings that allude to the human presence which is negated by the images. The video becomes a journey through still moments that have past, while the sound recordings serve two purposes: guiding the viewer through time and space, and becoming memories embedded in the spaces to signify the lack of a human presence.

3 thoughts on “Alexis Harrington”

  1. This video would resonate much more clearly with your statement if there was some significance on the absence of human presence in the space (other than timing). Newly constructed buildings hold no memory, but are absent of any “human presence.” This seems more like a documentation of the use of a space by humans, particularly the intended use for which it was created.

  2. I agree with Maggie. Although, I did enjoy the images you showed. I think most of us have been in situations of being the only person in an usually populated area, and it’s a pretty weird experience.

  3. The environment you created in your video was intriguing. The purpose or it as well is creative as well. The way that you used timing and transition was useful in describing what you wanted to portray, but I agree with the others. Think further into the meaning and I think you’ll capture more of what you were hoping for.

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