5 thoughts on “vee Kalnins”

  1. Excellent use of the green screen, especially for your first attempt at using it. Between the hand gestures, the expressions and noises made by the floating head it works and gave me kind of a Jerry Lewis/Professor Frink vibe to it.

  2. I really enjoyed the combination between the sounds and video that you produced. I think that without the sound, the video would take on a whole different meaning. But as you said in your description, the sound adds a layer of humor to it, making it enjoyable to watch.

  3. I totally get the feeling of lightness and joy, i really enjoyed this film because I am so used to just watching darker and deeper films from students. Nice work.

  4. This actually really freaked me out at first. And after a minute or so it started to make me laugh. I think it’s really interesting that the performer seems “stressed” but is making fun of himself, really, and that’s interesting. You don’t often see that. The only suggestion I would give would be that maybe it goes on for a bit too long.

  5. Very effective experimentation with the green screen. The hand gestures where engaging but the audio became grating and it didn’t make me feel light or lead me to think of something funny or humorous.

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