7 thoughts on “Alexis Harrington”

  1. very nice experiment with lighting. I find the bottom image to be a little too dark but based on the top image it could simply be because you are attempting to just show the outline of the figure. I enjoy the backlighting used in this set. The top image seems the most successful. It has a nice range in the intensities of light and dark

  2. Not having a tittle, I’m not quite sure what the series is about. Although I can see that it has something to do with shadows or actions. I think its clear that the subjects identity is hidden. It’s plays with shape, form and negative space, when the background is being illuminated and the person’s face cant be seen. It does give a very lonely an emotional feel and even a sense of either failure or sorrow from the subjects.

  3. I would agree that the first photo is most successful. The lighting in the second image feels less intentional. It seems as though the detail in the face should be either more or less visible.

  4. The dark lighting of the photos leave a mystery to the photos. With the unknown identity of the person makes the photo series very interesting.

  5. These pictures are interesting due to the mysterious character that shows no face and emotion. I actually like that there is no description for these pieces that gives opportunity for the viewers interpretation. Great job!

  6. This piece has such a presence of mystery to it. My only comment is I wished the towel wasn’t slightly purple. Other than that, they have great and powerful compositions even with the focus being in the middle.

  7. I like the use of lighting in these pieces. However, I feel like the bottom portrait fails to capture the amount of depth the photograph above it offers. the contrast between white and black feels a little excessive, and the color of the purple towel and the green of the glass in the background kind of take away from the black and white aspect of this piece.

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