Otterbein University, photography

Corinne Pulda



Corinne Pulda
Art 4500: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 11″ x 14″

Part of a series called Portrait-ception (hope to end up with 12-15 total images)
These are two of my final images in the series. I aim to show the person’s personality as well as something they are passionate about. I wanted to go beyond the typical portrait to allow the viewer to get to know the person displayed on a deeper level, crossing the boundaries that restrict the flow of information provided by an image.

6 thoughts on “Corinne Pulda”

  1. Im a big fan of superimposition so I really like these, and the mixture of b&w and color is rather striking, and I like that the color is subdued. I prefer the one of the male, I like what is happening with the leading lines (a fence?)

  2. I would agree, the one of the male is more successful because of the depth created by the overlaid photo. The color and detail is also simpler which allows the portrait to remain clear.

  3. I love these, I think that the expressions on the subjects’ faces really adds to the success of these photos. I think each image has it’s own level of success, however I do not think that the first image is too much, I enjoy it just as much as the second.

  4. Great job! I really enjoy both of them, and idea is interesting. Its like if you could see what someone was thinking, which is amazing! If you continued on this idea I wonder what other unique ways you could perform this same idea?

  5. The emotion that these people have very well correlate with the background that was infused with them. My only comment is it would be nice to see the background on the picture of the girl be a little less stronger so we can focus a little more on the girl. Other than that, these pictures are great in conveying a persons passion and emotion.

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