5 thoughts on “Ronnie Plucinski”

  1. In your chosen photographs you have captured the motion of each word that you have provided. The lighting and shadows in the photo are nicely done, along with the nicely written words in the background. I just wish the writing fit the emotion the little guys is expressing just a little bit more.

  2. The handwritten type was a good choice. You did a great job capturing a full range of emotions with such a limited figure. Just watch the creases in the background.

  3. I liked your idea of having a lego figure take the place of a actual person. Stating these emotions through a doll is hard, yet interesting, and you did a great job. The light is perfect, and the compositions are consistent.

  4. I think in these images you should be conscious of the exactly what your handwriting is saying through the style in which it is written – all caps seems much more exciting than lower case, and I think lower is probably calmer and lonelier than ALONE in all caps. Otherwise I think the idea is fun and you certainly managed to convey the emotions in such a simple doll.

  5. We always depend on Photoshop to add words to express something. Why not do it vintage? Writing something when taking the picture is really attractive. And I think the shadow of the lego in the first picture is quite excellent to express the lonely mood of the little person.

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