Otterbein University, photography

Blythe Malone



Blythe Malone
ART 4500 Advanced photography
Digital prints; 12″ X 18″
total images in series- 9

This series was created with the intent of using image projection to capture a childhood memory and then recreate that childhood memory as a grown adult. The images are intended to be light hearted and slightly comical as adults attempt to bring their childhood innocence back to life.

9 thoughts on “Blythe Malone”

  1. This is an awesome concept and is very appropriate using a projector to portray a childhood memory. Its nice that the memory is in the background because it is our past and having the image be part of the person ties ourselves within that memory because it is our memory, its who we are and a part of us. I can also see the concept of dejavu as well, trying to figure out when we have done a certain action before.

  2. This concept is really fun and would really take someone back down memory lane. I really like the use of the projector to show the old photo in the background of the reenactment. The only thing I find distracting is the shadow over the models from the picture coming from the projector.

  3. At first when I viewed this, I thought this was a collage. I love the concept, and it is comical to do the things that we did as a child when you’re a adult. To have a projector upon the subject is more interesting than a comparison side to side. I love the approach, and keep up the good work!

  4. I’ve recently been seeing more and more of these photo’s on the internet, but yours takes a different turn. Instead of comparing these two photo’s side-by-side you compare them straight on the image. Well done!

  5. I really like who you’ve merged two ‘ideas’ together with this. I really enjoy the projection along with the young and old photos that have been circulating around lately. I like that you took it a step further and your positioning of your two subjects are fantastic.

  6. Its’s a very interesting concept. Very fun and I like the composition with how the projected picture fits with the models. There are some subtle things that could use a fix, like the checkered collar touching the guys face. Other than that, this is really great and bright.

  7. Interesting how sweet toddler pictures can inspire something that is just so wrong. I almost have a visceral response. Funny and disturbing! Great textural effect of the projected image on the adult subjects. Many layers of info in each photo to explore.

  8. I really like your concept, however, by having your model so close to the screen I feel that as a viewer I can’t really tell which subject you want it to be the main focus of attention in the piece. I would try to bring the person closer to the projector and let the image of their childhood be reflected in their abdomen or something along that line. I like the use of shapes and colors here.

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