Otterbein University, photography

Cassidy Brauner



Cassidy Brauner
Advance Photo c
Digital Prints; 11″ x 17″
14-20 images in this series

This series focuses on the domestic spaces of which I live. I want to observe and engaged in these familiar spaces. By comparing and contrasting the people, spaces, and situations narratives are revealed through the details.

4 thoughts on “Cassidy Brauner”

  1. A saying that is very cliche through out time is “Home is where the heart is.” In a way it really is through, our home is our confined space just for us and our family and whoever inhabits the place. Photographing each space, our mind constantly puts together memories, experience, and images from either what we have seen before or even from what we have experienced from our own memory. The photos also makes the audience ask questions based on how we live our lives and question the life of others. Looking at the second photo, I am wondering why the top bunk is full of stuff and animals, is the bed not being used? Is it for storage? If not where does the other girl sleep?

  2. Taking these photos in a setting that the subject is comfortable in really moves the viewer to relate with them. It creates a story much more so than it would if taken in a studio. It’s interesting to see how the different subjects interact with their environment.

  3. These photos are intriguing because this is common places found in a American home. The relationships among people in this series are up for interpretation. I like your viewpoints from picture.

  4. While I think that these images are technically well done, I find the concept to be a little bland. These situations are very specific to the photographer, but do little to make me think more about what is happening within them.

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