Otterbein University, photography

Hannah Warren



Hannah Warren
ART 4500: Advanced Photo
digital prints; 11″ x 17″
series of 12

The title of this series is Topography. It explores the connections between the form of the human body and landscapes. By obscuring the boundaries of the body, and thus changing its formal qualities, using extreme lighting, I was able to find striking similarities to land formations.

11 thoughts on “Hannah Warren”

  1. You really executed your concept well. These images are strong because they are “up close” images of the body, thus making them ambiguous. The lighting is also very strong.

  2. These photos are beautiful, and really feature the beauty of the human body. The concept is interesting, and I never knew you could relate the body with earthly forms. Great job!

  3. While these photos are interesting regardless of the concept, I didn’t initially think of these in the context of your landscape connections concept. Perhaps they might read more as abstracted landscapes if you were to use a landscape orientation rather than portrait.

  4. The human body is amazing when you take the time to look at it. The way the muscles connect, and the way you capture the muscles with the use of contrasting light. Continuing might be hard if you run out of body parts to photograph, but I encourage you to keep it up.

  5. The concept here is so interesting in that I never realized how the structure of muscle under a persons skin is so diverse in size and density. My only comment is that the bottom photo does not clearly show what part of the body it is compared to the first one due to the lighting. Other than that, this truly is such a creative piece that demonstrates a true understanding of simplicity and how to show more than what something really is.

  6. The dramatic lighting was well done – the shadows and highlights of the body were found so that it resembles the landscape like the artist intended. I feel that the image on bottom is stronger that the one on top. It grabs my attention and makes me want to explore and analyze the photograph more.

  7. The use of lighting is very strong here, it really brings out the fascinating intricacies of the human body. I definitely see the resemblance to landscapes, these photos remind me of sand dunes.

  8. This idea is fantastic! The lighting for these photo really emphasizes the fluidity of the subject matter. The dark lighting also creates a sense of mystery. Well done!

  9. i love these photos and the concept. The color works really well and I like how dramatic the difference between the first and the second one. However, I think your idea of would work a little better if you shot from a lower angle, making the contortions of the bodies a bit more extreme.

  10. The use of light in these photos made your concept really successful. I love these photos. The contours of the body and how the light accents all the curves is captivating.

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