Otterbein University, photography

Jordan Schrader



Jordan Schrader
Art 3500 Advanced Photo
Digital Prints; 13″ x 19″
Series of 12

These are two images of a series of 12 that examine overcoming weaknesses. This set represents overcoming materialism. In the series, there are 6 sets of 2 images each portraying a different weakness and overcoming it.

5 thoughts on “Jordan Schrader”

  1. I’m always a big fan of diptych and portraits. I’m interested to see what the other 11 weakness that you’ve come up with. I like the angles and the lightning in the photos. Although I’m not sure if see the overcoming part of each weakness. I see a portrait of a person without her accessories and the same person with accessories. I think it would help if the person wast wearing the same clothes and just adding the accessories. I think a greater contrast would make the series more effective.

  2. From the description, I am confused what you mean by weakness. It is about the jewelry, clothing, atmosphere? I am not a fan for the obvious, but it needs to be more clear on the message. The photos are beautiful, and the subject is well placed in the environment.

  3. These photo’s have a great dynamic feel to them, but I feel lost in the meaning of the description you gave it. I see the materialism happening and it disappearing, and maybe thats what you’re calling a weakness. I love the lighting though that only strengthens the angles the shot is taken at, good work!

  4. The concept here shows such a drastic and powerful change between being natural and materialized. Switching the angles and the place where these are at really emphasizes the theme even more.

  5. I am interested in seeing the other sets of images. With these 2 images I see a girl in the same location, with the same clothing, and a slightly different hairstyle. For me to see the overcoming of materialism, it would help if she was wearing different clothing and was not in the same place. Making it appear that time has passed for her to overcome this weakness, rather than making it appear that only moments have passed could possibly help with portraying overcoming a weakness, as overcoming a weakness generally takes time.

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