4 thoughts on “Michelle Rupel”

  1. These black and white photos embody insomnia. I am intrigued by the skull in the second picture. I am not sure what it means, but I would love to see more the series to find out. Great job on featuring the texture in the leaves, and the emotion in the subject.

  2. It’s great the title helps tie together these two pictures, but when I see these pictures it looks a lot like decay as well. Black and white only increases the strength of the photo’s. Good job!

  3. These photos are very intriguing and I think the black and white definitely works for you. There is a lot going on in the background of the images, but due to the black and white aspect it is not overwhelming and instead quite interesting and beautiful.

  4. Interesting concept that I feel should have been developed further. I do like the subtle contrast created for the photos, but I can’t help to think that something is missing. The old looking effect on the first one is very appealing. Would love to see a complete series put together next to each other.

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