Mississippi State University, photography

Hannah Williams



Hannah Williams
ART 4593: Photography Portfolio II
Chairs; Archival Injet Print; 12″ x 18″
Shoes; Archival Injet Print; 23″ x 9
20 images in series

This body of work is a documentation of the relationship of my husband and I in our first year of marriage. This relationship and the home we share together is where I find the most comfort, and am presented with the most questions. I am choosing to photograph objects found in our home as a way of seeking out a further understanding of what makes he and I who we are as individual people, as well as who we are as a couple.

10 thoughts on “Hannah Williams”

  1. The concept for this piece is quite strong. You really conveyed it well through these objects. I like the simplicity of these objects; they are really contrasting because of the feminine vs. masculine qualities.

  2. This concept is great. The way you have set up the photos in groups really tells a story. I would like to see what you did with the rest of the series.

  3. What a wonderful idea! Based on these three pictures, my favorite component of the series is the color scheme- the colors are all rather warm and inviting, definitely in keeping with your concept.

  4. The lighting and the colors looks great. Composition and contrast are key elements that are really working on the pieces. Even the furniture in a way is its own character, its so distinctive and really shows personality. I like the play on the green and red blankets as well as the setting of the shoes. There is something to say about these choices, carpet vs tiles. Im looking forward to seeing the rest of the pieces.

  5. The one thing that caught my eye was the lighting in each space. It is well lit and focused. Even though there is only 3 pictures featured for this series, I am intrigued to see more from this collection.

  6. When I look at these images all I can think of is object personifying the person they belong to. Each boot, each chair gives off some character. Its a unique concept, and it would be beautiful to build on this idea.

  7. I love your concept and it is well set up. After viewing just these three pictures it makes me want to see the entire series to in a way get to know you/your husband and who you both are as individuals and as a couple.

  8. Great series! I agree with the previous comments above. The relationship between the three photos gives animation to each object. Each photo is very well lit. I would love to see further development of this series!

  9. I like the idea to use two different chairs to represent two different people, you can tell a lot about a person based on their design and comfort preferences. I can imagine the person sitting in the one on the right as doing something creative in their chair like knitting whereas I feel like someone sitting in the chair on the left would be reading a newspaper or watching TV. Also the set up of the chairs reminds me of the movie Up! especially since the more ‘serious’ chair is on the left with the ‘fun’ one on the right and they’re in front of a window as well. Overall I think the composition goes well with the idea behind the piece.

  10. The lighting in these pictures is very appealing to the sight. Colors are well balanced. Composition is simple, but well thought out. There is definitely a story behind each of the photos.

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