5 thoughts on “Katie Zaharion”

  1. Very interesting way to make stop motion with videos. I like the composition of the frame and the turning lamps did add more visual interest. Very good sound effects, interesting to watch. Not sure what the ending is about though. By the way, I’ve seen a lot of stop motion videos and most of them just has a person laying on the floor and things moving around him/her. I like your idea of hanging the bananas. 🙂

  2. Very interesting video, I really enjoy your use of sound and stop motion. Be careful with color and exposure in a couple parts, for example, in the beginning with the blinds, it is hard to see the girl. Also, after the foot scene, the coloring is a little funky. Other than that awesome work!

  3. The concept is interesting, but I am not sure on the meaning. The addition and subtraction of the bananas is interesting with the stop motion. Great job combining stop motion with video!

  4. I watched this video a few times and still don’t have a clue on the ending haha but I really enjoyed it. I love the rich dark tones and you did a really great job with the stop motion. I especially liked the movement/change up of the lamp shades. The only thing I didn’t like was the heavy edited colors near the end. I think it would of looked better natural. Cool concept!

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