5 thoughts on “Kenzi Rombaugh”

  1. I really enjoyed how in this video, you never 100% see the face of the woman. It adds a bit of mystery and curiosity to it that is very interesting.

  2. I enjoy the influence of color and repetition in your videos. I agree wih the previous comment, the intrigue of the missing identity adds a nice element to your story.

  3. I think the filter/color in the beginning was a very good choice. I like this part the most, the breathing, and flowers being laid down next to the body is very eerie, but almost relaxing. I think the rest of the video (with the watermelon) is interesting as well, but I do not think it’s quite as strong.

  4. The sound pushed the sense of intrigue throughout the video. The camera work was very steady in the panning and tight shots and the lighting pushed the eery emotion I felt while watching.

  5. I like the first half which you used black and white videos and it’s very effective. Not showing the woman’s face adds the mystery. But I don’t quite make the connection of the first and second half. What does the watermelon mean? I don’t see any connection between the watermelon and the dirt.

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