photography, St. Norbert College

Ben Erickson

Assignment #3

Ben Erickson
ART 280: Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
Digital Print; 6″ x 4″

For this assignment we were ask to create a social statement about an issue that we care deeply about. I chose to address the issue of performance enhancing drugs in baseball. The photo shows a baseball being injected with a syringe alongside a spilled capsule of pills. The black background represents the “shady” side of the game.

6 thoughts on “Ben Erickson”

  1. Ben, a strong image. I think it gets right to the heart of the matter without out a lot of bullshit. Good job!

  2. This image is very striking. The message is immediately clear, which makes this photograph successful. Also, the composition is unique. The colors are accurate and the image is clear. Very well done!

  3. This image is very clear even without your explanation which I think says a lot about it. Though the baseball of course does not actually get injected and use pills it still gives the same feeling of seeing someone using them. I am impressed by the emotion and setup of this image through such simple means of portraying the topic.

  4. As soon as I scrolled to this image, I could immediately tell what the concept was. The pictures says it all without having to explain yourself with a caption or title. Anyone that scrolls past this should be able to recognize what you’re trying to portray with ease. Great concept, wonderful execution.

  5. You’ve captured your image perfectly. The needle in the baseball is actually shilling, and that mixed with the pills really adds to the negative feel of steroids. I love the color as well

  6. I agree with the above commenters. This is a very strong image. I understood the message without reading your description. I like the chosen composition. I like that you can see the ball being “injected” however you can’t see the entire needle. Nice work.

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