photography, St. Norbert College

Katie Killian



Katie Killian
ART 480: Advanced Digital Studio
Digital Print; 18″ x 8.477″

Series of 6 images

I have been working on a series of reinterpretations of art historical masterpieces. This one came after a lot of planning and thought, and is quite probably my favourite of the series. Each image uses the form of the masterpiece it is referring to, but does so in a manner that reflects everyday life, or uses everyday objects to recreate the piece, making them more relatable to viewers.

5 thoughts on “Katie Killian”

  1. I think your concept is very interesting and innovative. Right away, I recognized the scene you were trying to recreate, which ultimately makes your photograph successful. I think the background is a little distracting because of how many people you have in the photo. But overall the photo is very nicely done.

  2. I love the concept of this photo! As soon as I saw the image, I knew what you were trying to recreate. In a way the image seems overly chaotic, but at the same time I think it works for the image in that it gives the chaotic feel of what is going on.

  3. I really like how you recreated this scene, especially with the doodled picture above it. I think you could have done without some of the pictures on the wall, since the group of people in this photo is so large. Overall though, I really enjoy this picture.

  4. I really enjoy this photo for many reasons, your concept is interesting and I like that you are reinterpreting rather than trying to re enact because while they are slightly distracting it makes the photos in the back ground legitimate. To me, it appears to be a photo class; or some sort of business based around photography that the entire group is discussing.

  5. The concept of recreating a historical artwork has been explored by other artists. What I like about this interpretation of the Last Supper is the reference to photography in the image. From what I can see in the blog image, this seems to be a photo of a photographic experience. Is this meant to be a comment on crux of changing over to digital format for photography? Because I can not see all the details I am not sure if this is actually going on… but it does seem to be able photography.

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