4 thoughts on “Katie O’Riley”

  1. These images caught my eye, they are both very unexpected. Both images have a very feminine feel to them with a more masculine viewed objects. These images have an almost sexy, feminist feel to them. I love how the lighting is captured in the second photo as well. A suggestion would be maybe fine a setting that seems just as unpredictable as the concept.

  2. I like these images because they express a lot of attitude even without seeing the subject’s face. I feel like the viewer gets a good idea of the subject’s personality just from body language. You really get curious about where she has been and what she’s been doing with the gun.

  3. This photo set caught my eye and made me ask myself what the subject is doing…it makes me think! Although I still do not know exactly, the photos intrigue me- The way you worked with lighting and composition works really well-great job!

  4. I have never curious about picture of body image as there days. It’s a really interesting topic. I love these two pictures. Gestures, dressing and color, they express the motion so well.

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