photography, Western Michigan University

Leslie Russell


Leslie Russell
Art 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Prints; 8.5″ x 11″
2 of 10 Series of Prints

Opposed to musicians in their performance habitat, they have to practice in order to improve their overall technique. To learn from experienced instructors adds an intimate lesson reflecting on the lessons of the student’s predecessor. In situations alone or with a teacher, a practicing musician lets emotions run rampant and ideas take flight. I had the pleasure to see this with some of the musicians that I know personally.

1 thought on “Leslie Russell”

  1. Seeing this image, I can imagine the room being filled with harmonious chords as the student learns from his instructor. They are both framed in well, almost with a mirrored effect as they play together. Overall, the concept works well and is a different perspective of playing the guitar than what I’ve seen before.

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