4 thoughts on “Ryan Kenny”

  1. I enjoy the shot with the pickaxe, I find it very intriguing. I can put myself into the image because it looks so realistic. I can imagine myself being there and holding the axe. I can guess how heavy it is and how it would feel. The story is not clear and leads the viewer to question or imagine what could be going on.

  2. The two photographs captured my attention right away. The composition of the first frame leaves a sense of mystery…what are her facial expressions? The way the dress is caught in the wind, I can tell it’s a freeze motion photograph…as if you caught the girl in the decisive moment.It works really well! These frames make me ask myself a lot of questions like who is she? What is she doing and why? Great job involving the viewer…like the previous comment I can imagine myself there!

  3. These are lovely images that do a fantastic job of avoiding the sterility of scene setting. The colors together work well and even thought it is obviously set up the viewer doesn’t think that at first. You used a good aperture on the first one, the only think I could suggest would be either darkening the background to bring that axe a little further forward as the colors are pretty similar and it just begins to be lost.

  4. The relationship of these two photos create dynamic narrative potentials. Mostly I think of an unplanned event. The woman in an lime green evening dress using a pickaxe, followed by an image of the woman holding her head as she stands with the wind blowing into her. Is the woman comforting herself? Has an act of violence happened? Did she stop by the road to help someone? Did she act in defense? Or is she a perpetrator herself? The unanswered questions keep me looking back at the photos. Is narrative photography a genre?

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