photography, Western Michigan University

Tyler Fleetwood

egg falling web

egg saved

Tyler Fleetwood
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 9″ x 12″
2 images of 10 total

For this series, the idea was to construct a scene to photograph a series from. In my case, the theme was “Children’s games with Alternate Endings.” I’ve always had an interest and representing similar subjects in real life, as they are usually just a chant or a game with no physical representation. It’s always interesting to take the imaginary and bring it to life.

2 thoughts on “Tyler Fleetwood”

  1. They’re so interesting. Facial expression is never the only way to express one’s feeling. I like to watch photos in shallow depth of field. But in my mind, the second one should focus on the character rather than the railing.

  2. I like these photos and the idea of “Children’s games with Alternate Endings.” I think you did a good job in representing the theme. Both of the pictures are very interesting. The facial expression on the eggshells are vivid and hilarious. People would have different feelings and have their own stories out of these images.

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