photography, Western Michigan University

Elise Bobian



Elise Bobian
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 8″ x 12″
Series of 12 images

I wanted to capture the essence of dance without depicting a typical staged scenario. Therefore, I went back to the basics. To dance is to complete a series of rhythmic and patterned bodily movements usually performed to music. The connection between movement and music is counting the beats. In my photos, I used found numbers to illustrate the act of counting out beats. Usually, the dancing and music is counted in series of four or eight, which is why I chose to show one through eight. Besides the rhythm, dance is very much movement based. There is a certain connection between a dancer’s body and the surroundings. To show this, I pictured the floor, a dancer’s feet, a dancer’s hair in a bun, and stage lights. A dancer is connected to the floor through her feet, and the movement and feeling continues through her body, beyond her head, and into the atmosphere.

5 thoughts on “Elise Bobian”

  1. I think you did a very great job capturing the description of dance without just photographing a stage with dancers. I really like the sharpness of the hair next to the blurred picture with just part of the numbers in focus. The contrast with the dark dirty blonde/brunette hair against the grey wall looks excellent. Another interesting angle could’ve been taking the photograph of the hair directly from behind instead of on an angle.

  2. I agree with the above comments, and it’s a difficult think you are trying to capture. Something that I think brings a lot to the two images as one piece is their ratio of size and frame. They are not equal and almost have a color-panel feel.

  3. I agree I think you did a really great job capturing the idea of dancing in a unique and interesting way. I think these pictures are also very clever in doing that. I love the fact that you used the idea of counting beats. I used to be a cheerleader and thus know the importance of counting out th beats so I think that was excellent. I also like how it’s focused on just the 2 and 3, it’s as if that’s where the dancer is in their counting. Also I love the picture of the bun in contrast against the wall. It’s in focus so much that I can even see the stray hairs.

  4. I understand the essence of dancing you were trying to capture, but I think without your statement, the concept would not be clear to someone who knows nothing about dance. I think these photos are composed well, but I do not find them very striking or memorable.

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