photography, St. Norbert College

Patrick Foley



Patrick Foley
ART 280: Intro to Photography & Digital Imaging
Digital prints; 10″ x 10″
2 photos from a series of five

For this assignment, I chose to document isolated buildings in the Washington Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. On these blocks, tormented with demolition and the ever-impending possibility of gentrification, the buildings still standing are a testimonial the character of their inhabitants.

8 thoughts on “Patrick Foley”

  1. Patrick, these are great images. You did capture the strength and dignity of these homes, they are real diamonds in the rough. The whole series was very well shot.

  2. The buildings on their own are very interesting and when paired with your statement they become even more meaningful.

  3. I love the concept and as stated above, your description makes it even stronger. The second photo depicts your ideas perfectly because the building looks like it was attached to other buildings, but only that one remains. Perfect.

  4. I enjoy your concept and feel a connection to the images. Being from Detroit this is all too familiar to me. The images are nice and you have definitely captured your concept. However, i wonder how the images would change if you had altered the colors or added filter.

  5. This series resembles portraits, animating each house. It is very interesting to see this isolation. You can tell that each house has its history, and each house has its strength.

  6. Already fantastic images, your framing focuses on the buildings — obviously — and if you’re serious about this project I would consider getting a ladder to get yourself up another 6-8 feet when taking these photos to avoid the angling away you’re getting of the top of the buildings. That more straight-on POV will make these photos seem more akin to portraits as opposed to architecture shots: which I think would be pretty useful in regards to your statement.

  7. The buildings do seem out of place (time/space) as they both resemble ones you might find close together in a neighborhood setting, makes one wonder what was/is around them. As stated in the Artist Statement they are isolated, but was this intentional (besides the photographers framing) or are they the remaining survivors of a bygone day. I also see that each has its own character following the Artist statement. Making one wonder about the current area/inhabitants and the past/future….

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