photography, St. Norbert College

Patrick Kennedy


Patrick Kennedy
Art 280 Digital Photography
Gilcee print; 16″ x 16″

This assignment was “Every day still life”. This image is of my film cameras located in my printing studio. I included the Lava Light to add something else from the time period, plus I like the red glow the light gave to the rest of the image. I rescued the large format camera and the medium format cameras from the dumpster, I cleaned them up and I use them today.

3 thoughts on “Patrick Kennedy”

  1. This is a beautiful image of such lovely cameras! I a jealous of the cameras you own. I like how you incorporated the lava lamp into the picture-it adds some more interest to the image. I think the way you have the cameras all turned into the center of the image is a good setup because it keeps one looking in the image.

  2. I like the idea of taking a picture of what takes a picture. The still life photos of the camera take a new perspective of how you take photos. I think that both the mix of old and new makes of a well rounded view of photography in the composition.

  3. I think this idea would have been a lot cooler if you took individual pictures of each camera, and if you could combine it with stories about the different things you have photographed with each camera. By grouping them all together on a shelf, the photo feels like you’re trying to advertise them and not as much like an artistic photograph.

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