8 thoughts on “Sarah Tramel”

  1. The blur that these pictures have gives the photo such a subtle and peaceful quality to them, and you can very well tell that these are a part of the same series despite the addition of a person in the second one. Having this in black and white with the addition of the blur gives the forest such a decrypt but calming atmosphere.

  2. Although this photo is very dark, I agree with the comment above that it has a peaceful calm atmosphere. It almost seems like this is could be a b&w film print. It’s timeless. Very beautiful!

  3. These two images do a great job of telling a story. The darkness of the images contrast with the soft focal point, making the viewer rethink their feelings and emotions towards the content. Like the above comments, I agree that the images are definitely part of the same series. The only suggestion I would have is to dodge or lighten the bottom left corner of the second image.

  4. These photos have a very prominent mood, there is something eerie and mysterious about them. They are well composed and I find my eyes continuously moving around the image to take in all the details.The hazy feel these photos add to the mystery and suspense that surrounds them.

  5. These photos have a calming, outdoor feeling. I think the printing on these photos matches the mood of the phonographs. I like that they both go well together and have a misty day feeling of being outside in the woods. I think that they leave the viewer thinking about what they are looking at and what might be happening in the surrounding areas.

  6. I enjoy the fact that you want to know more about the story these images are telling. You get a sense of mysteriousness and uncertainty because of the low key lighting and deep shadows on them, but you wish you could see more. Good composition and concept.

  7. I love the various developing/printing techniques you’ve used to create a negative. Personally, I’m so curious of the process that I am so easily impressed when people implement the strategy in their own prints. The prints are creepy and mysterious, an effect you were able to really achieve with the printing techniques.

  8. I am deeply absorbed into the mysterious settings of your photos. The lines between reality and dream like seem to blend over one another. Although blurry, which I would normally be against, the objects stay enough in focus to make out and understand. Both compositions are laid out very nicely showing enough of the ground and sky, as well as the foreground and background. The gradients from the sky to the ground lighten up the mood but still keep the photos feeling desolate. Great work.

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