6 thoughts on “Jordan Jaggers”

  1. These images are both powerful and curious. When I first viewed them I wondered if it was two different images of the same person showing a different side of them selves; or maybe even distant relatives showing the shared genetic traits.

  2. The layering of the adult image over the younger image makes the composition more interesting than just comparing them side by side. If this is a comparison between different people like a relative, then the top image would work better since it pretty much looks like one interrupted face. If this is a comparison between how a person changes over time then the bottom one would work better as you can see the change in the face and not just the outfit.

  3. I really like the way you layered the images in these pictures. It makes your pictures fit and look whole, instead of choppy. Looking at how these people looked when they were younger and how they changed over years is really interesting to me. The picture of the man is a better representation of this because his older picture looks more aged then the woman. I wish there was an older picture of the woman because it doesn’t look like she changed much at all, except for her haircut.

  4. I like this image because of the layering of the different pieces. I like the idea that their is both old and new in this piece. That if you were to see one half of the photo in the 1930s it would seam realistic and now with digital, you are able to alert the image. I also like that these two images go together giving them both context.

  5. Very fun images! Really fun to look for the subtle signs of aging. Drooping eyelid or thinned lips. Interesting how both these subjects expressions are strikingly similar between the younger to the more aged photo. I would love to see more!

  6. These pictures are amazing. When I saw them I just couldn’t help but start to stare at them and to wonder what the photographer tried to express. At first I thought they are photos showing that time changes and then I found them can also be a set of different characters, possibilities of one person, etc. Anyway they are very interesting and successful.

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