5 thoughts on “Kaitlin Mullins”

  1. The contrasting colors between the vibrant leaves and berries work well against the white wall. Even the hair and makeup demonstrate the relationship between nature and beauty-twisting in with organic forms. It would even be more eye-grabbing if you had a model look straight in to the camera. Overall, it’s beautifully done!

    -Marena De Leau

  2. These photographs are very beautiful. The leafs and flowers bring natural beauty into the girls beauty. The portrait of the girl in the second photo looks as if she is at peace, which is a good composition and idea to add natural elements to the photograph. I would agree with Marena De Leau (the above comment) that it would look eye catching to have one of the models to be making eye contact with the viewer.

  3. These photographs are a good representation of different lighting techniques. The first image renders a good sense of foreground, middle ground, and background. It seems as though the white balance in the second image doesn’t quite match that of the first. There also seems to be a little too much vignetting in the second image. Great contrast in colors though.

  4. The color contrast on these two photograph are the main subject of concept. I am not a fan of having the tree branches on a white background, but maybe this is a divine place, and these three ladies are goddesses. I would have loved to have the model’s face in focus as well on the second picture. Good lighting set up, and overall sharp, neat pictures.

  5. I like these pictures, but I agree with the first comment, the front model should look at the camera and bring us into the photography more. Other than that I think that these pictures are peaceful and so beauty through nature and the women.

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