Mississippi State University, photography

Lucia Arellano



Lucia Arellano
Art 4660 Advance Photography
Digital Prints; 8in x 10in
20 images total

With this work, I want the viewer to remember events from there childhood that are similar to the ones in the images. When I stated the series I was thinking about my niece and nephews. Even though times have changed, their generation and mine have one thing in common. They still look at mom and dad as role models. Children have always wanted to have things like Mom and Dad. Personaly my niece loves doing what I do. She wants to be an artist. This is where the idea was born from.

3 thoughts on “Lucia Arellano”

  1. When I look at this image I do recall memories from my chid hood because the technology in the second picture looks older. I feel others can relate as well because most every one gets to explore some sort of painting at an early age.

  2. I agree, I also recall memories from my childhood. I liked to experiment with painting a lot when I was younger and your first picture really captures that idea. I also agree that the older looking technology in the second picture really helps to give that feeling of memories. I look back at older technology and remember when I was younger and it was new not old. I also really like the depth of field used in the second picture. I think it really puts the focus on that and the idea.

  3. I feel like with just these two photos together I’m not getting any feelings of nostalgia or childhood reminiscence. I feel more of a sense of loss because it makes me think of how fleeting childhood can be before we are forced to “grow up” and often times to stop being creative. I feel like the composition of the photos having only the hand of the child literally and figuratively takes the youth out of the equation. We feel like something isn’t there, something is lost or missing. I do like these photos, but especially with black & white you need to be careful of what your choice of composition is saying.

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