8 thoughts on “Nathan McRee”

  1. I absolutely love the bottom photo! I love the clarity of the plants and the color of the sky, but the star trails are my favorite part about the photo. Job well done.

  2. The star trails are also my favorite part about the photo. I really love the bottom photo. I think the lighting in the field is working really well. Also the figure in the field and also between the trees in the top photo is very mysterious. It gives a nice mystifying feeling to the photos.

  3. The bottom photo sticks out to me because of the stellar sky in contrast to the equally surreal field of flowers. the border of trees that separates them adds a level of mystery and depth that makes it hard not to admire. however, i cannot make out the figure in the center of the field.

  4. I like the use of light in these photographs. I think that the unknown figure in the first picture has an emotional appeal. It makes you start to think who is this, why is this person here, what purpose does this serve? I like the second photograph because of the movement of light in the sky. I think that both photographs work well next to each other with the idea of light.

  5. The lighting in these pictures, really sets the mood. It’s creepy, and mysterious. The ghost like figure in the pictures add to the mystery. Great work.

  6. The star trails in the second image are photographed great. The lighting has a warm welcomed feel in my opinion. The color of the sky in the second photo is really interesting because its a warm golden-brown hue and really makes the sky interesting.

  7. I really love this picture and would love to see the rest of the series of work. The lighting in this photograph is on point, especially in the bottom picture. The top picture is not nearly as strong as the bottom picture, however, the lighting as well as the shadow of the person are very visually pleasing. It adds a sense of mystery and curiosity by not seeing the actual person, but instead just the shadow with the light around him/her. The sky/stars in the bottom picture look absolutely amazing!

  8. The person in the second picture would be interesting to see placed somewhere else on the screen. It would make the composition a lot fuller. Concept is great except the flash might be a little too bright. Otherwise, the use of the person having a light and the stars in the second picture are fantastic. But I’d like to see them a little darker to see if it has a stronger visual impact or not.

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