8 thoughts on “Rebekah Frisch”

  1. The first photo really catches your attention with the man standing in front of the bright window. It reminds me of a scene from a horror movie. I find that the second image is really dark. I wish there was some light shining through like in the first photo. In all I still find the second image interesting to look at, I just wish there was more to capture my attention longer.

  2. I really love the dark, enchanting feel to these photographs. The darkness overwhelms the subjects and draws you into this eerie image. The light behind it is a good touch and really makes the subject stand out.

  3. Interesting concept. I like how the artist decided to leave some parts completely in the dark, giving some contrast to the less dark areas, and adding suspense to the image. What if something or someone is lurking in the shadows? The cast shadow of the chair is magnificent.

  4. Like the first comment, these photographs looks like a scene from a horror film. The dark value of the shadows and objects (like the man standing) give it a sense of mystery…it makes me wonder who it is and why the person is standing there. Interesting concept!

  5. These images have an eerie and suspenseful feeling. It seems like something bad is about to happen and the tension to this moment is building. The photos are dark, but there is just enough light for the viewer to make out the subject and setting. There is definitely a feeling of intrigue here that leaves me wanting to know what happens next.

  6. a dark, ominous and threatening mood is definitely set and captured in both images. the first is obviously so, as we see a dark figure in an aggressive pose in combination with the low light and eerie setting, while the second delivers that feeling of uneasiness from setting/light and an emptiness. the inclusion of that shadow is important for that as well. I enjoy the repetition of vertical slats connecting each image. However, perhaps the main subjects could be more distinct–centering the figure to give more information to his silhouette, and being able to see more of the chair’s shadow on the wall.

  7. The use of light and shadow was done very well in these two images. The setting of this series seems to have an eerie feel and it makes me want to know more about the concept behind the series.

  8. When I first came across your series I felt that a bit more light was needed. After analyzing your photographs thoroughly I feel like the minor light is what makes them unique and gives these photographs that sinister feel to them.

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