Kellogg Community College, photography

Elizabeth Cook (Lizz)



Elizabeth Cook (Lizz)
Art227: intermediate Photography
Silver Print, selective development, selenium toner; 9″ x 12″
this is 1 and 8 or a 8 image series.

Hunter Pray
i have watched you from afar
for many, many years.
now is the time to make my move
and to show who i am
i want to take you in my arms
and never let you go.
you are my all, my everything
and i will make you mine.

After finishing my series i found this poem and i feel it in bodes the nature of the series well. the symbolism is the shadows representing the dark parts of a persons dream and the madden and the light thing being the light parts in those same dreams. with the realization that end the end we all succumb to the dark parts of our dreams at one point or another. to add to the dream like feel of the series i used selective devilment to give a cloud or dream like feel to the images and i used selenium to create a kind of romance between the madden and the phantom.

Kellogg Community College, photography

Madison Yunke



Madison Yunke
Art 230 Digital Photography II
Digital print

For finals I shot high speed photography in which I experimented dropping dye and coloring into water and oil to see what types of shapes, colors and patterns I could create. Upon seeing the first image raw, it reminded me of blood. So I applied a cross process effect to make it look more eerie and dark. Its size is 13×20. The second image reminded me of bubbles in water, so I applied a negative effect to alter the colors into blue water with transparent bubbles. Its size is 10×16. I have unedited images that could be manipulated to fit into this series.