5 thoughts on “Carey Woods”

  1. These images really draw me in and make me wonder what the deeper meaning is. The photographs of the white house-like buildings is so simple and I feel like it captures the feel of how these houses are like in person.

  2. I’m drawn to the second image more than the first as it has a little more even-ness of color fields. The framing is fantastic there. It was a strong decision that paid off to base your frame on the lines of the house — not the lines of the land. It makes a muted yet powerful statement and increases the mystery factor of these places.

  3. The first image raws me in the most due in part to the fact that there is slightly more going on than in the second image. from the trees in the background and the shadow of the tree in the foreground, it is more pleasing to the eye.

  4. Im no sure what the concept here is. Perhaps it’s just a landscape series about churches, but I don’t see a strong meaning behind it.
    It seems as though maybe all the images are framed by a tree in the foreground, which is consistent and adds to the composition. Perhaps he artist could use less
    ‘centering of the image’ and mix it up for more interest.
    These images don’t leave a huge visual impact on me personally. They don’t really evoke emotion.

  5. It took me a minute to figure out that both images are of the same church. I’m not quite sure what the concept was for these photos, and I wish that the church wasn’t positioned right in the middle for both. I don’t find them to be visually impactful or evoke any emotion. I wish they had more depth and more of a story to them.

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