photography, St. Norbert College

Danielle DeJardin


Danielle DeJardin
ART 280: Intro to Photography & Digital Imaging
Digital Print; 3.393″ x 8″

The assignment was to take a self-portrait. I really wanted to experiment with lighting, natural and manipulated, to see what kind of effects I could get in the photos.

12 thoughts on “Danielle DeJardin”

  1. Would be cool to take this idea and shoot from below… So maybe you sitting, hands and feet, etc… I love the concept and the photograph makes me want to keep looking to figure out what it means! Cheers!

  2. I really enjoy the composition of this picture. I like that this self-portriat is less typical than a shot of the face. I also like the use of lighting. I think that I would have liked it even more if you would have been able to see the entire silhouette and then it would be more of a mystical ending, not knowing the context of the photo or if it was centered or off center. Overall I think that the concept is really strong.

  3. It seems as though the subject is stuck behind the frame, trying to get to the viewer. The use of backlight was a good choice for this composition as well as the cold tones of the figure – It makes for a horror-like feel.

  4. This image is very eye catching. The contrast of the bright colors really pops out. The model looks a bit uncomfortable, but maybe that is the whole point of it.

  5. This photo makes me feel trapped. I see it from the eye of the person in the photo, which makes me feel like I’m stuck on the other side trying to get through. Well done.

  6. A very interesting piece. The lighting and the blur with the window creates such an eerie effect, yet the neon green and blue highlights gives it a calming feel. The hand that is focused gives a good focal point as well.

  7. Spooky, disturbed and sense of urgency from the pressing of the hand in the foreground into the glass. Someone needs help! The figure also looks a bit off balance (slightly tipped to left) which also adds to the sense that something is very wrong. Interesting that the pressing hands are most clearly distinguishable/unaltered. Working to get out of a situation. Use of green on subjects waist adds dimension and interest to the subject form. Love the movement: hand, hand, face and down.

  8. I really like this picture. I love how just one hand has a clear outline while everything else is blurred. I love the dark blue and neon green together, it makes the picture have an eeriness to it, not making it scary but more intriguing.

  9. I like how there is nothing in the background to distract from the focal point of the piece. the hauntingly blurred figure in the picture is a nice contrast to the white background.

  10. I like the the way that photo was shot. With a blurred figure and the cool color tone the whole image looks mysterious. Although it was a photo just to try effects I think people would like to think about the expression in it and to learn more about it.

  11. This is very cool! It reminds me of a silhouette series I did. I think that the contrast is extreme, but it works for what you are trying to do. I like that it is heavy on the left side. It works with the way the body is positioned.

  12. I think this is an interesting route to take for a self portrait. It gives a real sense of feeling trapped or lost. Even though your hands are pressed against the surface which can give the effect of struggle or disorientation, they are placed in a relaxed or delicate manor. It is an intriguing photo and I like the coolness of the hues. Also, solid focus on the hand.

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