12 thoughts on “Elena Marchak”

  1. This image is very striking because I feel like I can see into the mind of the model… The dark lighting and the fact that the model is showing a lot of skin leads me to believe she is feeling timid. But her eyes are very wide and round, which lead me to believe she is curious. Definitely provokes me to wonder about what she is thinking.

  2. This portrait is presented very well. Her eyes are piercing against the hard black background, while the soft shadows define her facial features. The model is looking straight at the viewer which gives a feeling of interest.

  3. I really like how the simplicity of the picture works perfectly for this picture. The model’s are depicted with deepness, full of mystery and emotions. We don’t need any background, because the model says it all. Very intriguing.

  4. I really enjoy the light and dark in the picture. Her skin stands out so much against the black background and I love the shadows on the left side of her face and body. It’s a nice contrast. Also her eyes are so big and they’re very intriguing. I like that she has red lipstick on too because that adds more color and contrast along with her blue eyes. I agree that this picture makes me wonder what she’s thinking.

  5. This is a great photograph for a couple of reasons. Lighting, sharpness, and contrast are huge things that you mastered here. The color of your eyes works really well with your skin, and the brightness of your face on only one side intensifies the entire image. I also like how you have your hair up and not down. I think it makes it more dramatic seeing your bare shoulders rather than hair over your shoulders.

  6. This is a very striking portrait. The subject really stands out against the black background, and there’s a nice contrast between her lips and bright blue eyes. The shadows give her face some definition, and her gaze is captivating.

  7. This photo has an angled sense of lighting that creates an intense mood, has sharp focus, and uses the rule of thirds very well. The colors are very calming and are almost desaturated which also contributes to the sullen mood of the subject.

  8. the subtle gestures of the subject, coupled with her wide-eyed stare work together to emote a certain emotion from the photo, and thus a response from the viewers. One can go back and forth between what that feeling is–does she seem bold or meek? calm or nervous? really beautiful lighting–that shadow on the right almost gives her an eerie/mysterious vibe. I like the inclusion of negative space…I’m not sure if you even need that much, but it works for the image.

  9. The lighting in this photograph is phenomenal. I love the intense stare given by the model and the lack of extraneous costumes or props really makes her eyes and lips pop. I really enjoy the wide range of values you were able to obtain with this image. Overall a very beautiful image that is very well lit and composed.

  10. The lighting in this image is nice, it is very soft. And, the definition it gives to her facial features and collar bone is beautiful. I like that the model is not dead center in the frame. However, I do wish I could see a little more of her. She is placed so far to one side of the image that this feels like a photograph for an ad for dove soap. The background however is a lovely dark grey that compliments the models bright blue eyes and fair skin. Overall lovely photo.

  11. I like the lighting in this photo which gives a very smooth feeling. The blank on the left side also works well by extending the space and the mood. From the model’s eyes I saw curiosity and I think the whole image just makes people curious about what she was thinking.

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