Mississippi State University, photography

Robert Underwood

LSU Sequence -bw-
Digital Print; 6″ x 12″

This photograph I took consists of 11 shots and was shot two weeks ago. The purpose of this sequence is to not only show the skill, but the creativity. A full color or black and white sequence is cool, but what if we mix them both? That is what I did here. Bennett’s Ski, Baton Rouge, LA 2013.

Digital Print; 8″ x 10″ with circular mat

The reflective surface behind the DJ allowed me the opportunity to capture a photograph that looks like one that is mirrored. Using a full frame camera and fisheye lens, this photograph was the best in-camera shot I’ve taken. Ultra Music Festival 2013.

Robert Underwood
ART 4660 Advanced Photography

6 thoughts on “Robert Underwood”

  1. The photo from Ultra music festival is very captivating. The symmetry and shape is what attracted me to the photo and the light in the center and the parallel lines work well to create a great composition. Definitely captured the essence of a DJ’s performance. Also, it reminds me of the death star and that makes me happy.

  2. It’s really cool that the photo with the DJ was taken without any sort of special effects. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was a reflective surface behind him if the artist hadn’t mentioned it. It’s almost like a physical representation of his music surrounding him.

  3. The repetition of shapes and objects in both of the photographs shows movement working well with various elements. The colors are subtle, yet captivating and intentional. The way you worked with reflective surface in the second photo makes me feel as if I’m a part of that festival…I love music festivals!

  4. the spherical image has a nice bit of contrast to both halves of it in the light and dark fields. Took me a a second to notice it was a reflection.

  5. I like the way you edited the first image. It helps in reinforcing the wake boarder as the subject matter and keeps each motion crisp.

  6. The use of the reflective surfaces to expand our vision of the world is a very satisfying idea. This particular piece, using the fisheye lens brings the experience “full circle”. That is not only a reflected world but an emphasis on symmetry. Though the actual details of the image are difficult to detect on the blog, the visual effect of a person at the center of a world of a seemingly mechanical world caught my attention immediately. The context is science fiction-like.

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