37 thoughts on “Jessica Schmidt”

  1. I think these photographs are absolutely astonishing. Very mind blowing. The colors are right, and everything seems to be in perfect place. I love how the artist placed herself in two completely different scenarios. The first one showing her soft, calm and free-spirit side, and the second one showing her wild dreams and passions. I cannot, and must not say anything bad about this photographs, because I think they were conceived with profound thoughts and masterfully achieved.

  2. Both of these portraits have a strong presence and coloring that distinguishes them from other general portraits. Although, I’m not sure that I would display these photographs together. Each photo seems to have a different concept and feeling to it. They would be stronger as separate pieces.

  3. I enjoy the contrast between these portraits, the contrast of setting and also of color between the black dress and red coat makes me want to spend a while studying the intricacies of these photos.

  4. I like the drama in these photos. I can feel the emotion of the pictures. The girl’s emotion matches the background haziness. I also like the colors of these, especially the red coat in the one.

  5. I think that these photographs both have a strong focus. They fit the self portrait description very well. In the first photo the implied movement catches my attention. In the second photo I like the bright red that has movement. I think that the implied movement in the photos is what brings them to life.

  6. The emotion of these photos are incredible. The first photo is so subtle and the color with the effects in the water gives it a near surreal feel to it. The second photo is an interesting view of some trees and the ever so slight blur of motion gives it the feel of her spinning. My only comment is these pictures together don’t make a whole lot of sense but great pieces nevertheless!

  7. In one sense these photographs make me wish I could see the subject more, but would the drama and intrigue then be lost? Both photographs — particularly the lake shot —have an elegant/refined quality. The subject must be a dancer or yogini to balance on the rock as she is gracefully bent backwards. Few could pull off this pose. Haha. Lovely! Genius with the gentle ripples surrounding the subject. And the patchy snow leading the eye to the mist then up to the sky against the repetition of the layers of vertical lines (the trees) that supports the sense of expanse, depth and height in a landscape frame. Symbolic of being all alone??? So dramatic. Love.

  8. what I love about the top piece is its focus on cold colors to emphasis a somber tone, accompanied by the surreal elements of the woman leaning backwards and her reflection both present dramatic imagery.

  9. I really like the compositional choice to have the figure break the horizon line and the way her bent body follows the line of rocks. The warm and cold color contrast of the two images is really interesting. The icy cold water v. the warm mossy greens and the red coat is great. I think you’ve done a great job in mirroring your atmosphere with the posing of your figure.

  10. I don’t really understand the concept about these photographs. It is simply a self portrait that I feel like would get lost among other self portraits. It doesn’t evoke much emotion in me. The images are balanced with the trees and the rocks across the page, but I wish that the artist wasn’t right in the middle.

  11. I enjoy how the two images play off of each other–in both, the subjects are centered, but the framing in the bottom photo is obviously linear and strong, placing her head and shoulders at just the right spot against the middle tree. the first picture has more freedom and movement–the diagonal spattering of rocks moves my eye toward the figure, as does the faint horizon line intersecting her head. while there is a general coldness in each image, the overall emotion and structure of each are not the same. however, i think they work together because they are so different. beautiful work

  12. What I like about these pictures is the way you bring emphasis to the subject. For instance, in the first photo you emphasize the subject by placing her in the white, reflective background. Similarly for the bottom picture, the subject stands out with her bright red coat. I also like the use of negative space in the photos – it brings about a sense of peacefulness that is very appealing.

  13. I noticed those in great contrast are always impressed me most. Just like these. The emotion of girl in black in a board area is quite different from the girl in red. Not the color but the long
    vertical lines make people feel depressed.

  14. I enjoy the use of line in these photographs and the way that they were framed. For both photos the subject is positioned in the center and the other objects lead your eye to the rest of the piece using strong lines. The line of rocks in the first photo leads you diagonally through the image; while the position of the woman’s head leads your eye horizontally through the image along the horizon line. In the second photo you are led to the girl’s dramatic red coat in the center and from there your eye follows the circle of trees surrounding her; which then leads to the trees in the background.

  15. The bottom photo has a lot going on, but not too much. There is enough that my eye is constantly moving and that is really good. I am not overwhelmed, I just want to take it all in. The pop of color in the very RED jacket bring my eye back over and over. I would consider this an exemplary example of moment in the composition of a photo.

  16. The composition of both photos were so well thought out. Every object captured within the frame has a purpose and expands the depth of the image. The curve of the rocks mimics the graceful pose of the model, and the stark lines of the trees help to reenforce the strong stance of the second model. These elements, along with the great color choices, create two very different images that still hold an aspect of similarity. Love these.

  17. I admire your self portrait style. I myself have wanted to take eerie pictures like this one. I think your choice to put yourself in the middle of the composition works well because we know that you are the sole interest of the subject at hand.

  18. Wow, I adore your first photo here. I wonder, since these are self portraits, what you were trying to portray about yourself. Are these two areas you spend a lot of time? Do you see yourself in these manners? I think that the way that you photographed them is beautiful though. Especially the first one… it’s just stunning.

  19. I like the choice of settings for these photos and how the colors of the outfits selected both blend in more for the first photo and pop out more for the second photo. This adds dynamism and interest.

  20. I really like the color and tone of these images. They have a surreal feel to them. I like the bright red coat, it stands out. Something different than the surroundings. Unexpected.

  21. These are beautiful and really portray a sense of longing in the models. The settings add depth and interest as well.

  22. In these two photos, I have to agree that they do not seem to be a set. The fact your situated right in the center is not what the instructors would critic as good photography. Still, the sharp contrast calls to me and the locations used for the shoots beckons me to come and take images of my own.

  23. Your wide depth of field combined with cool tones in the natural element of the photo and warmer tones in the human subjects, create a striking juxtaposition. Very well manipulated and I can tell you have a strong understanding of balance and symmetry in your work, my eye went straight to the human subject than panned the rest of the work.

  24. I love the way the subject is centered in both of the photos. The way the trees in the bottom photo frames the woman draws the eye in and is furthered by the vibrant red compared to the surrounding neutral colors.

  25. These images are powerful. The subject is in the center in each of these photographs, but it still works. I like the contrast between the two, where the model is wearing black in the first image, giving it a darker edge. The pop of red in the second image gives it a sinister edge, employing a different technique. In the first image, I think her head would look nicer if it was posed underneath the horizon line instead of intersecting with it.

  26. The top image is perfection! I love the way the earth melts into the water, and how the model is posed and the reflection in the water. I love that the water is both see through as well as a viewing source. I think the lighting is well done, and the idea was well thought out. This is a beautiful image.

  27. These photos are beautiful and very mystical. The second photo especially looks as though she is lost in a magical forest (Narnia-esque). The first photo is composed wonderfully. I love how her face just reaches above the horizon line as though she is looking toward the sky and becoming part of it.

  28. I like the way these photos are dramatic.. but I think that the bottom’s one usage of color is better then the top. I like the contrast of the red against the fog and the dark essence of the tree. The red coat is also more in focus then the background which makes the red color pop even that much more.

  29. These photographs provide an interesting twist on the classic portraiture in nature. I think it is very empowering to compose, style, and shoot pictures of yourself especially when they are this dramatic and captivating. The picture where you are looking directly at the camera is especially powerful.

  30. The first photo is a really nice photo. The circular effects of the waves gave the photo an interesting aesthetic look. I really like the color contrast between the rocks and the water. Great work!

  31. The model has very powerful body language that evokes intense emotion. I also really like the way she is dressed and how it adds to the drama of the photo. Especially the red coat in the second photo.

  32. Jessica,

    The first photo is very compelling. I really like the framing of the photo especially, how the rocks move diagonally from the bottom left corner. I also like how shallow the water is and that we can see the rocks beneath the surface. I think your lighting is successful, and the body language is strange, but in a calm way, like a trance or a dream.


  33. I like how you showed us two sides of yourself. Both are bold and have this organic vibe to them- in your first one, it seems as if you’re trying to blend in but your energy brings you front and center. In your second one, it’s obvious you’re looking to stand out. Either way you are capturing the crowd.

  34. I think that the images are balanced well with the background, the trees and the rocks, but I wish the subject wasn’t right in the middle of the photos. I like how the photos have a mysterious feeling and both have very good composition.

  35. These are stunning. The first one is composed in such a beautiful way. I really like the diagonal lines of the rocks and how the figure’s body is also in an interesting diagonal position. The second picture has interesting lines as well, with the horizontal lines and figure.

  36. The fact that these photographs are self-portraits is fantastic; I would love to hear about the process of setting these up. The use of red to contrast the background in the second photo is particularly interesting–it’s a super visually compelling photograph.

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