Kellogg Community College, photography

Elizabeth Cook (Lizz)



Elizabeth Cook (Lizz)
Art227: intermediate Photography
Silver Print, selective development, selenium toner; 9″ x 12″
this is 1 and 8 or a 8 image series.

Hunter Pray
i have watched you from afar
for many, many years.
now is the time to make my move
and to show who i am
i want to take you in my arms
and never let you go.
you are my all, my everything
and i will make you mine.

After finishing my series i found this poem and i feel it in bodes the nature of the series well. the symbolism is the shadows representing the dark parts of a persons dream and the madden and the light thing being the light parts in those same dreams. with the realization that end the end we all succumb to the dark parts of our dreams at one point or another. to add to the dream like feel of the series i used selective devilment to give a cloud or dream like feel to the images and i used selenium to create a kind of romance between the madden and the phantom.

11 thoughts on “Elizabeth Cook (Lizz)”

  1. I really like all of the different layers used in these photos. It helps make them look old and haunted. I wish there was more going on in the first picture, though, instead of having such a huge black blob covering so much of the middle/upper right corner.

  2. The eerie black and white contrast of the first photograph has a surreal and somewhat somber look to it as we see what appears to be a young woman in a dark forest. Perhaps to represent a desire to find answers to an question left in the dark, or to symbolize the woman’s sureness of herself in a bleak world. in any case, it does what it sets out to do well. The thing I admire most about this photograph is how it does not try to overbear us with things to look at; we have a clear image of a woman, and everything else is partly obscured by the dark smear diagonal of her, while still presenting us with enough to let us know she is in a forest.

    The Second photograph holds a similar tone to the previous one, albeit with less contrast while still holding that vintage 19th Century photograph color scheme. The presence of (what looks like) a preacher in a mask strikes me as a statement about the hypocrisy of organized religion and how such groups will do what they need to do in order to hide such hypocritical tendencies, whereas the woman holding her mask shows us who she really is.

  3. I am very intrigued by the second image, not only because I realized I knew the subject, but because the image screams narrative. You could come up with millions of stories to go with this image. The lighting and finish within the image gives it a vintage, and aged feel. The layers of subjects within the image is what draws me in. Very well done.

  4. I would agree that the second image is very strong. I think it throws me off a little because there are two subjects in the second photo and only one in the first. Also, the idea to add the different texture to the images is a good. I agree that it gives the essence of a dream-like state. Although, I think I would tone it down just a little. It almost seems too fake and a little too much going on – just keep it simple.

  5. These images drew me in and made me look deeper into what it was of. The layers of the image are so present in the photographs that it draws you into it and makes you try to figure out what it is. I also feel they are a little distracting from the actual concept in my opinion.

  6. Theses pictures are very eerie and creepy. I like the second picture better because I can get more of a story from it. I like your concept thought and I liked the poem that you put with these images.

  7. The disturbed, unsettling nature of these photographs gives them a particular uniqueness that works really well with the theme. These photographs convey a lot of mysteriousness and darkness enhanced by the highlights and shadows of the photos and its characters. The unbalance if effective, and eye catching.

  8. Sarah Spohn- if you look in the top right hand conner you can make out an outline of the the 8 pictures for these set the phantom moves closer and closer to her tell he is right behind her.

  9. Lizz, I was so excited to see these in here! I loved these the moment I saw them. They remind me of a dark and dreary fairy tale, gives me the feeling of Cinderella’s “shattered slipper!” The stark contrast is very nicely done. I feel it leaves the delicate detail that shows through, even that more fragile.

  10. A friend of mine has a mask just like that. I really liked your pictures. The filter you used (I’m guessing you used a filter) was great to set the mood for these pictures.

  11. I love the story behind the series after reading Lizz’s comments. I agree that if I were the artist I’d consider pulling back on the photoshop effects. However, I get the style you’re giving us and I can appreciate the images in that light. Really cool concept, and I think you’ve achieved the vibe you’re going for!

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