Kellogg Community College, photography

Elizabeth Cook



Elizabeth Cook (Lizz)
Art230- Digital Photography II
Digital Prints; 16″ x 20″
There are four images in total. the images inclosed are numbers 1 (doll on stairs) and 3 (doll by rusty drain)in the series.

this series is a valuation of Abandonment. the doll is a repercussion of the part of every person that feels abandoned at anytime in their’s lack of a face is a repercussion of the person losing their identity because those who knew the person are gone. the decaying house follows the symbolism of time that passes will a person feels abandoned. the series is cross-procesed to give it an apocalyptic feel, also playing on abandonment.

9 thoughts on “Elizabeth Cook”

  1. I think your idea is really interesting, but I think it would be better executed if the doll was in poor condition. The doll looks really clean and new, and I feel like it would look more like it was abandoned if it was dirty and older.

  2. I really like the two different aspects of each of these pictures. I think what helps to capture the idea of “abandonment” is the doll having no face. I like how one of the pictures is closer to the subject than the other. The contrast between the burgundy hair and the bright wall also look very nice.

  3. The concept behind these photographs is very interesting and the artist displays this concept very well. The absence of the doll’s face really adds the feeling of the lost identity and abandonment. I think these really show the raw feelings of being lost as well. A small detail I really like that I noticed was the ribbons being untied in the dolls’s hair.

  4. I agree that if the doll looked dirty and older that it would better show the idea here, but even without it being a worn-out doll the idea is still represented well. Particularly the fact that it has no face really shows this concept to me. I can feel the loss of identity and abandonment. Especially with the doll by the rusty drain because you can feel the house is abandoned too. That picture is really showing this idea well in my opinion.

  5. I really like the concept of these photos. The bright colors in the dolls dress and socks really make it stand out from the background and grab your attention. I agree with a couple people though that if the doll was dirtied up some it would convey your idea even more clearly.

  6. I also appreciate the concept of your pictures. I don’t think the dolls need to be old looking, though it would add a little something, but I like the idea that even though this doll looks new and nice it can still feel abandoned. We don’t know what is always going on behind the scenes when we come face to face with someone. Nice job.

  7. For these photographs, I would’ve preferred to see a more old looking, tore off doll to go with the theme. Also, degrading the colors would have added more to the overall feel of the pictures. Maybe the other photos from the series show the doll in a place better perceived as abandonment, maybe under the bed? I feel like they could say more about this matter of forgotten things.

  8. I think that the concept of abandonment it portrayed nicely here, but if more of the environment was shown, it would have made for stronger pieces. If the doll was shown in a wide open, abandon space, it would connect better with the viewer. The doll itself almost looks too clean and neat. This also seems to set it apart from the scene as well. As far as visual interest, it makes me want to know more about the piece, but there isn’t a whole lot to keep me guessing.

  9. I really like these pictures, for their colors and subject matter. The deepness of the burgundy in the hair, offset by the pastelly green of the dress in the top picture works real well, and thers’s something else about the quality of the colors that I can’t put my finger on, I think it is perhaps the cross-processed procedure of which you speak. They appear to be uber detailed like HD I think is what it is. I think the choices you made in the setting for your stuffed friend, are also fantastic. To me they don’t really convey abandonment though. I imagine a smiley face on the doll, hanging out on the stairs, in the bath tub, just another day in the doll house.

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