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Madison Yunke



Madison Yunke
Art 230 Digital Photography II
Digital print

For finals I shot high speed photography in which I experimented dropping dye and coloring into water and oil to see what types of shapes, colors and patterns I could create. Upon seeing the first image raw, it reminded me of blood. So I applied a cross process effect to make it look more eerie and dark. Its size is 13×20. The second image reminded me of bubbles in water, so I applied a negative effect to alter the colors into blue water with transparent bubbles. Its size is 10×16. I have unedited images that could be manipulated to fit into this series.

13 thoughts on “Madison Yunke”

  1. Taking high speed photos of the food dye and oil in water is an idea I’ve always wanted to try out. I really like how you altered the liquid in the cups to make the first one look like swirling blood and the second one to look like bubbly blue water. I wish the background on both of them were a bit more complex, instead of just graduated colors, but overall I really enjoy looking at them.

  2. I like that the cups are not centered in the picture, it’s more interesting to look at this way and it still feels balanced because of how much space is left above the cup. I’m not sure that I like the black background with the blue cup though. The green and purple background create contrast with the red and yellow in the top photograph making the colors in the cup stand out more but the background in the bottom one doesn’t seem to do much. Maybe if the black had a bit of an orange overtone it would be more interesting to the eye.

  3. the contrasting colors of the backgrounds and the teacups are a pretty concept. they both distinguish themselves in a way that makes them contrast while still clearly similar. I get the eerie feeling that the top class is meant to represent blood, and while i like it, I have to say it makes me wish you did something similar with the bottom glass, perhaps contrast the dark liquid on top with a brighter colored substance. as it it, the dark blue one at the bottom is still impressive.

  4. These cups alone have such an interesting composition and color due to the effects you put on it. Along with the contrasting backgrounds, it creates an intriguing composition with such drastic changes in color.

  5. I did not realize what these images were of until I read the above comments. It’s a great way to draw the viewer’s attention. Also the effects and the high contrasts of the photographs caught my eye.

  6. I’ve always loved the idea of shooting liquid, organic shapes, but I’ve never thought of using oil to aid that. I love the effect and ‘suspension’ that it creates.

  7. Absolutely incredible developing work on these. There is so much potential in different processes and I think these photos are a great example of that. You were able to create such vivid narratives and meaning through using different processes using basic household objects and that’s just great, kudos.

  8. I feel as thought there could be a strong series made from the second image. Even the idea of the positive and negative next to each other would make for an interesting contrast of emotions and visual aspects. Although, it would be nice to see subject matter that has more meaning and purpose along with the effect and way of rending the images.

  9. At the first glance at the photo, I reminded two things. The first one is the crown of milk, I think these two are the same purpose. The other one is what I learned in the former advertisement class. For the second picture put two white card with smooth edge in the appropriate distance will make the edge of the cup more excellent.

  10. They look like some experiment to me and I like the effects a lot. These picture are interesting and original. I like the contrast you created. You really did a great job with only a glass cup.

  11. What captured my attention first was the top photo. The residue on the parts of the cup above the water line have a strong narrative element. Blood, or just a strange viscous material. The bottom photo with the clean edges reads more like a controlled commercial photo.

  12. I think this was a brilliant idea. It would be great to see more pieces exploring this concept of dye in water and maybe oil? Your framing does well. If you were to take away the dark borders it might give the pictures a completely different look….Something to think about!

  13. The top photo is my favorite of the two. The 70’s color scheme is awesome and adds to the confusion of the photo. I love how these both force your viewer to delve into the image – you take your audience on a journey. At first glance, the cup just looks like a half-full teacup, but with a more careful eye we can see that it isn’t just a simple teacup. This was the point at which I decided I loved the images.

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