9 thoughts on “Jeff (Dan) Morgner”

  1. I find these two images really interesting because they’re very surreal and thought-provoking. It makes me wonder what could be traveling on the ladder to and from the hole in the ground and the doors in the sky. It makes me wonder if the ladder represents life, and then from a religious viewpoint the hole could be hell and the doors could be heaven? I also really enjoy the upside down mountains in the second image… I find that very creative exciting. I’m wondering what these would look like in color, maybe a series of different types of color.

  2. These two images are very surreal. They caught my attention and made me stop and think. I also wonder what the two scenes could represent. Is it a person wandering a dream like world much like our own?

  3. The ladder image brings up thoughts of once perceived notions of loss and religious satisfaction in saving those “lost” in their eyes. Using that ladder is the only way you can reach salvation (or something like that.)

  4. The surrealist theme makes these photos appear to be part of a dream. Having them in black and white makes them feel like a past memory. It would be very interesting to hear the story behind the pair.

  5. I wonder if the person who lost the shoes and umbrella miss them. Maybe where he/she went, there was no need for those items, who knows. These images make me come up with many questions, and I don’t think I really want them answered. Very nice work.

  6. These two black and white surrealistic-esque photos make me think the phrase, “underneath”, spaces below the surface. The ladder shows a possibility of entering into the earth. The photo with the umbrella causes me to ponder the rainwater which may have gone into the earth, and also the absence of the human. Where did the person go, into the earth, down the ladder? What is located down there? Congrats on the photos.

  7. I really enjoy this body of work. It reminds me of the artist Robert ParkeHarrison in his series “The Architect’s Brother”. Much like this body of work your images have poetic undertones that can sometimes be found within a surrealist realm of art. Wonderful work.

    My one constructive comment would be, to watch your grey tones. When looking at your second image I wish there were a stronger range of darks and lights. When you begin to have to many mid-tones your image could have the potential of becoming “muddy” in color. If you add a few darker darks I think that it would give a little more depth.

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. I like the illustrative qualities of these photos, the images in the composition are very surreal and photo-realistic but the grey tones and texture of the give me a drawn impression. They give us enough detail for an environment but they don’t make a clear narrative which adds to the surreal qualities of the image.

  9. Wow, really nice photos. The pictures have a surreal look. I love the texture especially in the second photo. The objects have clean clear cuts in the first photo. I like the black and white. Great job!

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