photography, Western Michigan University

Carly Sprague



Carly Sprague
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Silver Gelatin Prints from tape negatives; 11″ x 14″
Dreamscapes; series of 15

This series of images investigates the unconscious world of dreaming. They are my own interpretations of the of the most absurd aspects of the imagination, capturing memories from the dream realm and transferring them to waking life. It is a continuous project that allows me to explore a number of unanswered questions. What dictates our dreams, are they just random, or could they be a glimpse into our deepest desires?

12 thoughts on “Carly Sprague”

  1. The picture of the shed caught my attention immediately. It reminds me of films made in the 50’s and 60’s. As a film student, it always fascinates me when a picture can take me back to a film or a certain era of cinema. It suddenly reminds me of the german film ‘Das Weiße Band’ (The White Ribbon), with all of the solitude and mysteriousness this picture conveys. I love how the darkness inside the shed clashes with the white sky beyond. Really like how you can see some of the dead trees surrounding it, but not a lot, leaving to the imagination what’s next. I’m not crazy about the tainted spots all around the picture since it disrupts the calmness of the picture, although it gives it a more antique effect.

  2. You’ve done a great job of conveying a hazy, dreamlike state in these photos. They have both an eerie and imaginative feel.

  3. I love how this image gives me such a dreamy feel and the tones are super soft. Love the feeling , very eery and emotional. Well done.

  4. I agree with everyone else about the dreamy feel of the picture. The hazyness really helps to convey that feeling of dreaminess. These pictures are very eery and creepy, but I love that about them. I can really feel the emotion in it.

  5. I feel like the combination of drawn images layered with the real images help add to that dream-like feel that I think you were going for. Having it be in black and white was a smart decision as well, I think with color you would have to work at it a lot to keep the same feel without it feeling cartoony.

  6. Carly Sprague, I truly love these two images. Both are extremely powerful. The one on the top is my personal favorite; though, I love them both for different reasons. The skeleton on the swing to me shows a passage of time that no one can escape. Indeed a real nightmare for all of us. Also, I have not seen many people lately that think really far outside of the box, and I applaud you for doing just that!

  7. First of all, the concept is very appealing to me. Second, you did a great job capturing that idea. I’m not entirely sure how you achieved that ghostly look in your picture, but wow does it work! The pictures certainly have a very dreamy mood, but in a disturbing sense…especially with skeleton (?) in the top picture. You definitely excelled in the printing aspect.

  8. The collaboration of photo and drawing in this piece is phenomenal. The concept is displayed exceptionally with the ghostly and aged effects. It has a very surreal and eery feel as well.

  9. This video makes me think about the placement of text against the body. There is something powerful about the transparent layering of the words on the young woman’s face. Another important element is this video is the speed and rhythm of the word’s placement. At times the text was easy to read. Sometimes the speed of the changing words was too fast. The absence of people in the ghostly bar scene really adds to the mystery. Congrats!

  10. oops sorry, posted the wrong comment…here’s the right one:

    Of the two photos, I prefer the second one with the shed. The dream-like state has been represented well. I get a sense that something once lived fully in the shed, and now that time has passed. The absence of people in the bar scene echos a time past. Congrats!

  11. I don’t know how did you print them but they looks awesome! I like those white spot which did create a dreaming feeling. And I think it is pretty that how the lines of tables and chairs are highlighted in the second photo.

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