photography, St. Norbert College

C.J. Guzan

Submitted Claytastrophy with CJ copy

C.J. Guzan
ART 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Print; 36″ x 40″
This is a comic-style Narrative.

Statement: I am athletic, strong, artistic, well-mannered, charismatic, level-headed, humble, funny, peaceful, award-winning, responsible, relatively handsome, very intelligent… And my greatest challenge and loss in life… Was brought to me in the form of an inanimate object with a crap-load of confidence and a Royal Flush…

8 thoughts on “C.J. Guzan”

  1. the humor and narrative of this piece add a nice level of uniqueness to this as opposed to other photographs on this site. I just feel like the first panel split in half might be a bit distracting.

  2. The concept is interesting and worth looking in to. It’s humorous yet intriguing at the same time. Although, the lighting and/ or white balance in these images seems to be very yellow.

  3. The narrative in these photos is strong and entertaining. The white balance seems light it might be a little off, but still a nice series of images.

  4. All of the mini pictures are highly entertaining. They fit as a whole really well. The statement piece also helps everything tie in.

  5. I really like the narrative in these photos as well. They all fit together well and tell a funny story, it is very humorous and well done. Also I particularly like the facial expressions on your face throughout each picture. They tell a lot about what’s actually going on and without them the story wouldn’t be as strong or effective. Also I really like how in the last photo when the little guy has the money you are out of focus. I think this is a good quality to support the narrative at the end.

  6. I really like the production of these photos. They convey such a hilarious mood. The all dark background works perfectly, since it directs your attention completely to the action on the table.

  7. I like the concept here, but I wished there was more of a contrast between compositions and scenes to portray this theme. Maybe some more different angles, the 6 all have remotely the same composition and it’s a little repetitive.

  8. How creative! I like how the small framing pulls the story line together. Very nice depth of field on the first and last frame.

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