photography, St. Norbert College

Patrick Foley



Patrick Foley
Art 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Prints; 24″ x 32″
Series of 2

For this narrative assignment, I constructed a model of urban row houses, representative of the average American city; specifically those of America’s Rust Belt. Although these vacant, unwanted, unnoticed row houses are next in line for destruction, they stand tall, reflecting the
character of this area of the city.

9 thoughts on “Patrick Foley”

  1. I really enjoy this set of images. Your story is charming. I like that they are black and white, and I like that the angle you shot from is low to the ground making it feel like the viewer is a tiny person too. I would be interested to see this in color.

  2. At first glance I thought these were just pictures of buildings but when I looked closer I noticed they were models of buildings and it caught my interest. I wanted to know what the idea behind this was and I’m still not sure but for some reason it draws me in. I think the choice of doing black and white was very well thought out because in color it probably would have been much more noticeable that hey weren’t real buildings. My favorite part about these pictures is the angling of the camera that puts the real trees in the background. Having those makes it appear that those are life-size buildings.

  3. The lighting in these photos are very interesting. The sun light is a very natural way to show these houses in shadow. Having these photos lit from behind strengthens the narrative.

  4. I really like the concept of miniature modeling. However, I wish the buildings looked more real. Also, the angle of the shot diminishes realism to the models. The lighting is great, and the B&W color works well with the different grades of whites and grays.

  5. This set of photographs are interesting, looking at the image it really draws you into it to find out what it’s all about. I didn’t guess the concept to be the same as it was described in the description…. but it’s a good concept and I think it displays it well.

  6. I like the concept. It is interested idea. The light is also interesting. As bblack and white photo, the light is interesting story.

  7. I thought the first one was a photo of a real town, then I saw the second one and realized it was a model. Great composition in the first picture.

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