5 thoughts on “April Jonker”

  1. Your cat is cute and I can definitely tell it’s shallow depth of field because the rocks in the background are blurry but the ones in the front are in focus. I feel like if you had more background though or used a smaller aperture to exaggerate the change in what’s in focus versus what isn’t it would help to make it more apparent that it was shot that way intentionally.

  2. You did a great job capturing a shallow depth of field as well as creating a great image. You did this assignment very well.

  3. Unexpected, quietly playful view of a cat. I enjoy the contrast of the earthy grays and rocks with the puffy white fur as well of the diagonal line of the cat’s position. I like how the whiskers gently stop the eye and keep you focused on Apricot’s face.

  4. the perspective of this image–ground level, the cat coming in from the upper corner–works well. maybe the tip of the bottom ear could be included, yet I do enjoy how the whiskers are very tight against the upper edge of the photo. love the contrast of touch sensations–I can feel both the lumpy rocks and the cat’s plush coat. Apricot is surprisingly engaging..those eyes…I can’t look away.

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