8 thoughts on “April Sova”

  1. The shallow depth of field in this picture really captures the eye. However the color change draws the gaze even further.

  2. I love the layout and composition of this image. The color of the first subject really pops with it’s hue of color. The focus of the wood and the details of the central subject works very well.

  3. I love the saturated colors in this photo. The shallow depth of field gives the illusion of an endless trail of mini pumpkins. I think you made a good choice in centering your focused pumpkin, as well. Very nice.

  4. I really love the colors used in this image. The bright orange miniature pumpkins against the color of the gray wood are really eye catching. I also love how there’s one green mini pumpkin in line with the orange ones. It draws your eyes further into the picture.

  5. This image grabbed my attention very quickly off the page with the orange on a dark background. The wood grain to the right pulls my eye towards the rest of the image. Again with the wood, the boards pull my attention to the focus point at the front of the image.

  6. I think the color contrast on this photograph is really dynamic and beautiful. It catches you attention immediately. You feel drawn to it, and its simplicity does not interrupts this connection. I don’t mind the centered placement of the first fruit, because the following fruits tend to go to the right, giving it support. Great job!

  7. The composition shines through the choice of setting and subject. The quality of the film does the rest of the work. Photography at its best.

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