4 thoughts on “Cameron Miller”

  1. The angle you chose for this shot is interesting, it works really well to show shallow depth of field as the chairs get blurrier by steps as you go back. I find it odd that there are no other numbers on the chairs besides the 36 but it kind of makes it seem more like there’s a story like there’s something significant about the number 36.

  2. I love the colors and the composition. The lines are really wonderful and I think it was a great choice to include the bottoms of the next row of chairs. The blue against the saturated cement grey looks great. I also really like that I can only see one number placard. Looks great.

  3. I really enjoy the concept of this image, however wouldve have been more thrilled to see a broader image and more sky view. The visual impact of this makes me want to see more of it. I enjoy the concept. The depth of field is shot well. The composition as a whole could be stronger.

  4. I curious about how to make pictures with a dozen of same things looks pretty for a quite long time. I think this is the answer, just focus on one subject and choice shallow depth of field. But for myself, I would like to focus on the second or third one rather than the first one.

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